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Monthly Pass
(Group Class)

*Validity is effective from the date of activation, monthly pass shall be activated within 7 days from the date of purchase
*No balance acc
*Min. Purchase: 2 months 



$1800 for 8 sessions 

*Applicable to all mat yoga classes only

Pilates Reformer

$2600 for 8 sessions 

*Applicable to pilates reformer only

Yoga + Pilates Reformer (Unlimited)

$3380 unlimited access to yoga & pilates classes

Trial Package (Private Class)


$1850/3 sessions + 1 Private Assessment 

Validity: 14 days

Pilates Reformer 

$2050/3 sessions + 1 Private Assessment

Validity: 14 days

Yoga + Pilates Reformer


✓1 Private Assessment

✓2 Yoga sessions 

✓2 Pilates Reformers sessions

Validity: 30 days


Yoga Classes

$350/session (group)   

$1250/session (private)

Pilates Reformer

$465/session (group)

$1350/session (private)

Credits Holder

Yoga Classes

$270/session (group)   

$1030/session (private)

Pilates Reformer

$385/session (group)

$1160/session (private)

Trial Class

Yoga Classes

$200/session (group)  

$890/session (private)

Pilates Reformer

$280/session (group)

$990/session (private)

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